Diamond Rings

Selecting the perfect diamond ring for yourself or your loved one is made easy at Michael Hill, with our extensive range of diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding bands and diamond occasion rings. Whatever cut, carat weight or style you’re looking for in a diamond ring, you’re sure to find it at Michael Hill.

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Selecting Your Diamond Band

  • Where do I start when choosing a diamond ring?

    Selecting a diamond ring is a very personal decision, and when choosing a ring you should first consider the recipient - their style as well as their personal preferences. Firstly you will need to select the metal used to craft your diamond ring, whether that be yellow gold, rose gold or white gold, or perhaps sterling silver. Then you will need to consider the diamond stone itself, including the weight, also known as the carat, as well as the cut. Some prefer a princess cut diamond ring, while others prefer an emerald cut or pear shaped diamond ring. You will also need to think about the style of the ring, whether you want a simple band that showcases your brilliant diamond stone, or a more intricate design that uses multiple diamonds, and perhaps features other stones such as sapphires and rubies. If you are unsure where to start when it comes to choosing a diamond ring, allow our expert team to help you! Book your Virtual Appointment or visit us in stores.

  • How to take care of a diamond ring?

    At Michael Hill our diamond rings are made to love and made to last. To keep your diamond sparkling, you can clean it with mild soap and warm water. It's best to avoid your diamond ring coming into contact with harsh chemicals - so remove your ring or pop on some protective gloves before using products like household cleaners. For diamond rings that you remove at the end of the day, store them safely in a jewellery box. Bring your diamond ring in to Michael Hill at any time for complimentary, professional cleaning, or you may choose to purchase a Michael Hill Professional Care Plan to provide peace of mind for a lifetime.

  • Can I wear other rings with my diamond ring?

    A diamond ring or diamond engagement ring is a classic and timeless piece of jewellery that is easily complemented with many other jewellery pieces, including rings. How you style your diamond ring is completely up to you and your personal style. You might choose to stack your diamond rings with stacker rings, or with your diamond wedding band or eternity ring. Diamond rings also look beautiful with other stones, such as pearl rings, sapphire rings or ruby rings. Feel free to experiment with mixing different metals in your rings, or wearing a number of diamond rings together for extra sparkle!