The foundation of every beautiful jewellery wardrobe is a quality chain in precious gold or sterling silver, from Michael Hill.

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  • How to Choose a Chain

    Your quick guide to the different types of chains, and how to get the perfect length.

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At Michael Hill we have a wide range of necklace chains, including Curb Chains, Singapore Chains, Belcher Chains, Box Chains, and more. We also carry a range of mens chains. In lustrous 10 carat gold or shining sterling silver, our collection of chains come in a variety of lengths and weights, allowing you to choose the look that’s perfect for you.

There are endless styling options for classic chains in precious metal. A heavier chain will give you an impactful look on its own, while fine chains provide delicate shine and are the ideal foundation for pendants, including sparkling diamond pendantsstone set pendants and cross pendants.

You can easily customise your jewellery look for a special occasion, to complement a new outfit, or for a seasonal refresh, by layering your chains. Start with your favourite chain, then layer with additional chains in the same metal colour. Vary the length and weight of your chains for a chic look, and add extra sparkle by working in a pendant or two.

Unsure of the right chain length for you? We have tips to help you select the perfect chain before you purchase. You can also visit our expert teams in-store to help you choose the optimal chain length for your look.

  • How do I untangle a chain?

    You can untangle a chain by using a straight pin to carefully pull out the knots. This is useful for a fine chain that becomes tangled with small knots that are difficult to loosen with your fingers. Lay your tangled necklace on a hard, clean surface. Then use straight pins to gently pull the knots apart. If the knots are too tangled, you can try adding a small drop of baby oil to help loosen them.

    Importantly, if you feel the knots aren’t budging, don’t force them! You don’t want to damage your fine chain. Bring it in to your nearest Michael Hill store for expert jewellery care.