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Rhodium Plating

  • White gold and some silver jewellery is electroplated with rhodium which may wear off with frequent use and will require reapplication to restore the bright finish.

  • Black diamond and some coloured gemstone jewellery is electroplated with black rhodium to enhance the surface area of the stones and may wear off with frequent use and will require reapplication by specialist jewellers.

Coloured Gemstones

  • Coloured gemstones may be subjected to enhancement processes or treatments which include: heating, diffusion, irradiation, oiling.

Laboratory Created Gemstones

  • Laboratory created gemstones are grown in strictly controlled laboratory conditions to recreate the brilliance of natural gemstones.


  • Pearls form in a range of shapes, sizes & colours, and each will have a unique look. Cultured pearls may undergo treatments including bleaching and dyeing.

Black Diamonds

  • Black diamonds are enhanced by high temperature to permanently create the intense black colour


  • Water resistant accompanied by a rating (e.g. 50m) refers to a pressure test and does not signify a diving depth. ‘30m’ or ‘50m’ is suitable for swimming tin light conditions and ‘100m’ is suitable for surf swimming but not scuba diving.