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At Michael Hill we are your diamond jewellery destination. Explore our range including diamond rings, earrings, necklaces, watches, and bracelets, plus the biggest range of diamond solitaire stud earrings.

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Nothing will make you sparkle like a beautiful piece of diamond jewellery, whether it be a diamond ring, diamond earrings or a diamond bracelet. At Michael Hill we offer a beautiful selection of diamond jewellery for any occasion, whether it be a birthday or anniversary, or your engagement or wedding.

  • What are diamond carats?

    Diamond carat is the standard used to measure diamond weight - a Carat equals ⅕ of a gram. As a diamond’s weight increases, so too does its value.

    A carat is not the only determining factor of a diamond’s value. There are different qualities of diamonds depending on cut, clarity or colour - a diamond with a more premium cut, colour and clarity will be more valuable. For more information on the “Four Cs” of diamonds, consult our diamond guide.

  • What are the most popular diamond shapes?

    Different diamond shapes may be more popular at different times, but the most important factor in choosing a diamond shape is that it is one you love. A round brilliant cut diamond is the most timeless shape and will always be a popular choice due to its classic appeal and superior sparkle.

    Aside from round brilliant cut diamonds, the most popular diamond shapes include oval shape, pear shape, cushion cut, princess cut and emerald shape diamonds. For more information on diamond shapes, refer to our diamond guide. Since choosing a diamond means choosing a piece you’ll wear for life, especially if it’s your engagement ring, go with your heart and choose the shape you love the most.

  • What colour are diamonds?

    White diamonds are the classic colour and the most popular for jewellery, especially engagement rings. However white diamonds vary in shade on a colour scale of D - Z, with D referring to completely Colourless diamonds which are of the highest value. Most diamonds exhibit traces of faint or light yellow, so colourless diamonds are highly rare.

    On the other end of the scale are fancy coloured diamonds, such as deep yellow, pink or blue diamonds, which are also incredibly rare and valuable.

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