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Find the perfect match: shop wedding bands >

Engagement rings at Michael Hill

At Michael Hill we have a wide and diverse range of beautiful engagement rings to help you find the ring your partner will love (or, inspiration for you to drop your partner a hint!). With so many options to choose from, browse our top engagement rings to discover the most popular styles.

  • How do I choose an engagement ring?

    The most important part of choosing an engagement ring is that it is a piece you or your partner will love, and will want to wear for life. Selecting a beautiful ring that suits your partner’s style and that is appropriate for your budget are the main considerations, and you do not necessarily need to stick to a certain number of diamond carats or to the latest trends.

    Among our most popular diamond engagement ring styles are halo, cluster, and other multi-stone designs. These stunning rings are popular because they offer eye-catching sparkle and a large look, while still being affordable.

    If you are choosing a ring to surprise your partner with when you propose, think about their personal style. If they like a classic, elegant look, a timeless solitaire ring is ideal. For someone who loves to sparkle, multi-stone rings such as halos are the perfect choice. And if they love to stand out from the crowd, unique looks such as vintage-inspired designs, baguette or emerald cut diamonds, or rings with a coloured centre stone are sure to delight them. Check out our Proposal Guide for more inspiration and tips on selecting the perfect engagement ring.