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Forging a ring

Behind the Craft: Ring Resizing & Size Tailoring

We’re proud to have an in-house workshop here at Michael Hill, with a team of highly-skilled craftsmen. One of the most common tasks undertaken in our workshop is ring resizing or tailoring rings to perfectly fit our customers.  

From tailoring a new ring into a smaller or larger fit than the standard ‘O’ size, or adjusting the fit of a customer’s special ring they’ve had for years, every size tailoring job is completed with the utmost care and attention to quality and detail – to ensure a beautiful ring and a beautiful fit.  

We went inside our workshop to capture the detailed work in action. Here’s what happens behind the craft, when we tailor a ring to a smaller size: 

  1. Our craftsmen firstly measure the ring with a vernier calliper to accurately see how much needs to be removed (tailoring smaller) or added (tailoring larger).  

  2. In the case of resizing to a smaller size, the required amount of metal is removed and the ring shank is shaped into place. 

  3. Solder is applied and heated with a torch to close the join. 

  4. Using a jeweller’s mandrel, the craftsman makes sure the ring is perfectly rounded and accurately sized.  

  5. The soldered section is filed, then smoothed with emery paper for a seamless finish. 

  6. Next, the craftsman carefully checks the stones in the ring, and tightens the setting wherever needed. 

  7. The ring is polished, then undergoes a quality check. 

  8. If the ring is made of white gold, it’s added to a rhodium solution to ensure a high-shine, strong finish. 

  9. The ring then receives a final quality check using a professional jeweller’s loupe at 10x magnification, which allows our craftsman to check every detail.  

  10. When our final quality inspection determines that your ring meets our highest standard of workmanship, it's ready to wear and admire! 

Quality and craftsmanship are important to us, and we know they are to you, too. We are so honoured to have been voted Australia’s Most Trusted Jeweller in 2021. The Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands are 100% decided by customers – so to all of our treasured Michael Hill community, thank you! We’re for love, and always will be. 

Want to know how to choose a ring in your perfect size? Visit our jewellery size guide ›

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