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Princess Cut Engagement Rings at Michael Hill

At Michael Hill we offer a wide range of stunning diamond engagement rings, with a variety of styles to help every bride find her perfect piece. Signifying commitment, trust and above all, love, the engagement ring is a piece that brides-to-be will cherish forever.

As well as the ring style and design, the diamond cut is an important factor in deciding on your perfect ring.

  • What shape is a princess cut?

    The princess cut is one of the most popular styles for diamond engagement rings. A princess cut diamond is distinguished by its square shape. A princess cut is a type of brilliant cut, which means it is cut in such a way as to have multiple light-catching facets to create beautiful sparkle.

    Princess cut diamonds are particularly striking because of their geometric-style facets and sharp, architectural lines which create a distinctively modern look and feel. With its symmetry and structural balance, a princess cut diamond also has timeless beauty.

  • What style of ring suits a princess cut diamond best?

    The best engagement ring to complement a princess cut diamond is one with a setting that protects the square corners of the stone. A prong setting that grasps the corners but also allows space for light to pass through the stone for maximum sparkle is a good choice.

    A classic solitaire engagement ring is a beautiful style to compliment the clean lines and symmetry of a princess cut diamond. It is also perfect for showing off the unique, square brilliant shape.

    For extra brilliance, a side accent ring style - which highlights the centre diamond with a beautiful trail of diamonds set in the band along the ring’s shoulders - is perfect for playing up the architectural shape and sparkle of the princess cut.

    Halo style engagement rings are another popular choice, as they are both beautifully eye-catching and classic. Halo rings have a vintage edge, and a princess cut centre diamond with a square halo will add a modern touch to this timeless look.

    Browse our range of stunning diamond engagement rings, and find the beautiful piece that you will love for a lifetime.