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Discover our range of beautiful cushion cut diamond rings at Michael Hill.

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Cushion cut diamond rings at Michael Hill

Explore cushion cut engagement rings at Michael Hill.

Find the engagement ring of your dreams with our wide range at Michael Hill. Our selection features the most popular diamond cuts, including cushion cut, so you can find the sparkle to suit you.

  • What is a cushion cut diamond?

    A cushion cut diamond has a square shape with rounded edges, giving it a soft square appearance similar to a cushion.

    Cushion cut diamonds have a romantic, vintage vibe but with a modern edge thanks to the square shape. Cushion cut diamonds are a unique choice and perfect if you want to select an engagement ring that will make you stand out from the crowd.

    Play up the vintage feel of a cushion cut diamond ring with a rose gold or yellow gold setting. For dazzling sparkle, cushion cut diamonds are beautifully suited to a halo engagement ring design.