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Choosing the perfect cufflinks

For a keepsake gift that will add sophistication to his look, a pair of cufflinks is a timeless choice. Whether his style is corporate or laid-back, simple or edgy, a pair of cufflinks for men crafted from precious metals will take his formal wear to the next level. Select a pair that best captures his style and personality, whether that be elegant mother of pearl cufflinks or modern sterling silver cufflinks. For a personal touch, consider engraving his cufflinks with a meaningful date or initials, ensuring he will treasure them for a lifetime.

  • What’s the purpose of cufflinks?

    Cufflinks were traditionally worn to hold the two edges of a man’s shirt cuff together, in lieu of a button.

    Today, most men’s shirts have a button sewn on the cuff of the shirt to serve the purpose traditionally met by cufflinks. Many formal shirts are still buttonless to allow for wearing cufflinks, and a pair of men’s cufflinks makes a sophisticated aesthetic statement, elevating a formal ensemble.

  • On what occasions are cufflinks worn?

    Cufflinks are most commonly worn with formal shirts on occasions such as weddings, functions and other black tie events.

    Cufflinks are also frequently worn in the corporate setting - although most business shirts now have button cuffs, many men choose to alter these to allow for gold or silver cufflinks and add an elegant flair to their outfit. Style your cufflinks with matching men’s rings and a men’s watch for added impact.

  • How should I take care of my cufflinks?

    As cufflinks are a precious men’s jewellery item, they require proper care to keep them looking their best.

    Wipe your cufflinks with a soft cloth or jewellery cloth after each wear, and store them safely in their box. Sterling silver cufflinks may tarnish over time, so it’s important to store and care for them properly. Bring your jewellery into your nearest Michael Hill store for complimentary professional cleaning to have your cufflinks shining like new.

  • Do cufflinks make a good gift?

    Cufflinks make a wonderful gift for any man in your life who wears formal or business shirts regularly.

    Most men will need at least one pair of silver or gold cufflinks in their jewellery wardrobe for formal occasions, and a pair of cufflinks will never go out of style. Select a pair of cufflinks that capture his style to ensure your gift will be treasured.