Men’s Gold Bracelets

The perfect finishing touch for your look is a quality men’s bracelet, crafted in 10ct gold.

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Men’s gold bracelets at Michael Hill

Discover our selection of gold bracelets for men at Michael Hill. Our styles include flexible curb chain bracelets in 10ct yellow gold, for a classic look that you can make your own with a range of weights, or styles set with diamonds for extra luxury.

  • How do I style a gold bracelet for men?

    A classic gold bracelet is luxe yet simple enough to be styled with just about anything. Wear your gold bracelet as your only piece of jewellery with a suit for formal or corporate occasions, with a button-up shirt for a smart causal look, or even with a casual T-shirt. With its recognisable luxury, your gold bracelet will elevate your every look on its own.

    For the gent who prefers to add a little more, pair your gold bracelet with a watch in a matching metal colour. You can also use your bracelet to highlight an accent colour in your watch. Keep your overall look balanced by wearing your bracelet and watch on opposite wrists.

    For extra shine, add a chain necklace or a men's ring. Keep your look polished and tied-together by sticking to the same metal colour for each piece. Otherwise, it’s easy to create a unique and interesting look by mixing your metals. Try pairing your yellow gold bracelet with a sterling silver chain or ring. Or, make a statement with a black titanium ring, which will pair perfectly with any metal colour.

  • How loose should a men’s gold bracelet be?

    The ideal fit for a men’s bracelet is one that is loose enough to drape slightly over your hand and allow some movement. If your bracelet fits too tightly around your wrist it will feel restrictive. However, it should not be so loose that it slides up and down your arm, or over your hand.

  • Are men’s gold bracelets in style?

    Just like all quality gold jewellery, a men’s gold bracelet is always in style. A classic chain style in yellow gold is timeless, so you can rest assured you’ll be able to wear it day after day and for years to come.

    Since a men’s gold bracelet is so versatile to style with outfits and with other jewellery, you can also use it as a classic, quality base for your look and change up the rest of your accessories for a trending look.