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Discover our range of yellow gold jewellery at Michael Hill, made with minimum 10ct gold for beautiful shine and durability.

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Yellow Gold Jewellery at Michael Hill

Yellow gold is timeless, beautifully lustrous, and it pairs perfectly with so many different looks. Yellow gold is the most popular shade of gold for jewellery, because of its unmistakable appearance celebrating the precious, naturally-occurring metal gold.

Explore our range of yellow gold earrings, rings, chains and necklaces, bracelets and bangles.

  • What is yellow gold?

    When you think of gold jewellery, chances are you think of yellow gold. That’s because yellow gold is the most classic shade, reflecting the colour of pure gold. Just like rose gold and white gold, yellow gold is available in different carat levels. While pure, 24ct gold has a very deep yellow hue, the gold used in jewellery will have a more intense or softer yellow appearance depending on its carat.


  • What is the difference between gold and yellow gold?

    Yellow gold is the term used to refer to the yellow shade of gold jewellery, which most closely resembles gold in its pure form. Gold jewellery as a whole can reflect all shades of gold, including white, rose, and yellow.

    A piece of genuine, yellow gold jewellery is crafted with real gold. A simple way to check whether you are purchasing a piece that contains real gold, is to refer to the hallmark stamped on your jewellery, which will specify its carat.


  • Is yellow gold fashionable?

    As the most timeless shade of gold, and the one that is most commonly associated with gold itself, yellow gold is always in style. You can’t go wrong with a classic style such as a chain, solid gold bangle, or a set of hoop earrings in yellow gold. Pieces like this are also perfect for layering with other timeless or more trend-driven styles, to create your unique look and to change up your style to match your mood or the occasion.

    Yellow gold is also very popular for engagement rings, thanks to its everlasting appeal which means it will be in style for years to come, as much as it is when you first wear it. And, gold is the perfect accompaniment to diamonds, creating a striking contrast between the white of the diamonds and the lustrous yellow of the gold.


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