Rose Gold Earrings

Discover our range of rose gold earrings, crafted in 10ct gold for beautiful shine and durability.

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Rose gold earrings at Michael Hill

Choose from a beautiful array of rose gold earrings at Michael Hill, crafted in genuine gold for quality and lasting shine. Our range includes rose gold hoops, rose gold studs, rose gold drop earrings, and diamond and gemstone earrings set in rose gold.

  • How is rose gold made?

    Rose gold is an alloy, which is created by mixing pure gold with copper. Many alloys also contain silver, which helps to soften the colour and create the beautiful blush hue that makes rose gold so loved.

    Rose gold is genuine gold, just like yellow or white gold. Its unique colour is achieved simply by using different metals in the alloy. Choosing jewellery crafted in at least 10ct rose gold, means you are purchasing a precious piece of real gold jewellery. It also means that your rose gold jewellery will never fade or lose its pink colour.

  • What jewellery can I wear rose gold earrings with?

    Rose gold earrings can be styled with other rose gold jewellery, as well as white or yellow gold, and sterling silver.

    While rose gold is a unique shade, its warmth makes it flattering and versatile for styling. If you have only one or two pieces of rose gold jewellery in your collection, you can still enjoy plenty of wear from your rose gold earrings.

    Rose gold is similar to yellow gold in appearance; both are warm shades, though rose gold has a blushed tint. It’s easy to mix rose and yellow gold in your jewellery look; whether you wear your rose gold earrings as part of a mixed metal multiple-earring look, or pair them with a yellow gold chain or necklace, bracelet and rings. If you are wearing several pieces of jewellery, try to work at least two rose gold styles into your mixed metal look, to make your overall look more deliberate and cohesive.

    Rose gold also looks beautiful with white gold and sterling silver, thanks to the neutral colour of these metals. For a simple way to ensure your mixed metal styling looks polished and put-together, ensure you choose pieces with the same finish – for instance, all high shine jewellery – and mix up the textures and designs of your pieces. For example, a pair of simple, smooth textured hoops will look beautiful with a patterned metal style or one adorned with diamonds; as well as a faceted chain necklace style, and rings in different shapes and textures.

  • Which gemstones suit rose gold earrings?

    Rose gold earrings look beautiful set with diamonds and pink or red-hued gemstones.

    The stunning, peach-pink colour of rose gold is the perfect setting for diamonds, bringing a unique touch of warmth to diamond jewellery. Choosing rose gold earrings set with diamonds will also make it easier to style your rose gold with other pieces of jewellery, especially if you are mixing metals. The diamonds will create a motif to help tie your entire jewellery look together.

    With its rouge tint rose gold is also the ideal setting for pink or red gemstones, such as pink tourmaline and rhodolite garnet, as it helps to emphasise the pink undertones of these gems. Rose gold is especially popular as a setting for morganite; its colour is the perfect match for beautifully sparkling, blush coloured morganite stones.