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A classic piece for any jewellery wardrobe, shop our wide selection of pearl earrings at Michael Hill.

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Guide to buying pearl earrings

Pearl earrings have long been worn as an elegant and classic statement, synonymous with special occasions. At Michael Hill we have a variety of pearl earrings in both traditional and contemporary styles, set in precious metals including sterling silver and minimum 10ct gold.

  • What do pearl earrings symbolise?

    Pearl earrings can have many different meanings - though pearl stud earrings have long been a signifier of elegance and a more traditional aesthetic, pearls are now frequently used in more modern earring styles such as thread earrings and pearl drop earrings.

    Pearls are the birthstone for June, which make pearl earrings an ideal gift for anyone with their birthday in June. Pearls are believed to represent wisdom, perseverance, and integrity. When you consider how pearls are created in a living organism, it is easy to see how such symbolism came to be attached to them. Pearls are thought to symbolise a happy marriage, making pearl earrings a thoughtful anniversary or wedding gift.

  • Can you wear pearl earrings everyday?

    How and when you wear your pearl earrings is completely up to you. Much like diamond stud earrings, pearl stud earrings are a very elegant and practical choice to wear every day as they complement most outfits and are comfortable to wear.

    Pearl drop earrings and thread earrings may be chosen for special occasions or as a statement jewellery piece, but can also be worn daily if you wish. Keep in mind that pearls are more delicate than other types of gems, and should be treated with care. It’s best to take your pearl earrings off at the end of the day and store them safely in your jewellery box.

  • Can you shower with pearl earrings?

    Pearl earrings should not be exposed to soaps and cosmetics. As a rule, remove your pearl earrings before showering and avoid wearing them at the beach or pool. Wipe them with a soft cloth after any exposure to soaps or water to help them keep their beautiful lustre.

  • How to style pearl earrings?

    Pearls are a beautiful, lucent colour that is perfectly complemented by sterling silver and white gold, as well as accented by yellow or rose gold. Pearl earrings can be worn alone as an elegant, simple statement, or be worn with other pearl jewellery such as pearl necklaces and pearl bracelets. Pearls also look stunning paired with diamonds, making pearl earrings the ideal pairing with diamond rings, or with diamond studs or huggies as part of a multiple-earring stack.