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Cubic Zirconia jewellery at Michael Hill

For stunning shimmer at an affordable price point, explore our range of sterling silver and gold jewellery featuring cubic zirconia (CZ) at Michael Hill.

  • What is cubic zirconia?

    Cubic zirconia (CZ) is a hard, synthetic gemstone that is made in laboratories. It’s made from zirconium dioxide and is designed to mimic the look of diamonds, at a far lesser price.

    CZ is a popular choice for fashion jewellery, or statement pieces such as cocktail rings where a style with diamonds or gemstones might be out of reach. Since CZ is a synthetic stone, it can be created in any number of vivid fancy colours, and you can find large stones at affordable price points. This makes CZ the perfect choice for trend-based jewellery or if you want to experiment with an eye-catching statement style for a certain occasion.

  • How do I style cubic zirconia jewellery?

    Cubic zirconia is a very versatile stone and easy to style. It is most commonly colourless, so you can use it to add as much or as little glitter to your look as you like.

    Try a bold cocktail ring or a pair of statement earrings to inject some shine into your look for a party or special occasion. Or, choose a piece of CZ jewellery in a vibrant colour to add a pop of brightness to your outfit. You can find CZ stones with highly saturated colour, ranging from deep purple to aqua, navy blue to pink.

    If you would like to experiment with adding some colour to your jewellery look but aren’t sure how to make the leap to precious or semi-precious gemstones, try a CZ style with a colour that approximates your favourite gem and see how it suits you and your jewellery style.

    Jewellery set with CZ is perfect for adding that extra touch of shine to any jewellery look. Try layering a CZ pendant with a fine gold or sterling silver chain to add texture and radiance, or pair a bracelet or bangle set with CZ next to a plain precious metal bangle to bring an extra layer of interest to your look.

    With its availability in a range of cuts, colours, and designs, CZ jewellery is a great affordable option for experimenting with your jewellery look, or for a fashion piece or statement party piece to add instant shine to your look.