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Celebrate the newest addition to the family with our beautiful baby gifts and christening gifts at Michael Hill. Whether you're welcoming your own child or celebrating their christening, or celebrating these special moments with your friends or family, our baby bracelets and bangles, and baby identity bracelets are the perfect gifts.

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Find the Perfect Baby & Christening Gifts at Michael Hill

Welcoming a new baby is a joyous occasion, and what better way to mark that occasion than with the gift of jewellery. A jewellery gift to celebrate a birth or christening is a meaningful choice that will last a lifetime, and at Michael Hill our baby gifts are crafted from precious metals to create pieces that will be cherished forever.

Michael Hill baby and children’s jewellery is tested to ensure compliance with international safety standards for children’s jewellery. Children under the age of 3 should always be supervised while wearing jewellery.

  • What sort of jewellery makes a good christening gift?

    A baby bangle or baby identity bracelet makes a perfect christening gift. Choose from white, yellow or rose gold baby bangles, perhaps selecting the metal that the baby’s parents prefer for a thoughtful touch. Baby identity bracelets can be engraved with a name, date of birth or christening date to make them personalised.

  • What jewellery gift can I offer to a baby or toddler?

    Baby bangles and identity bracelets are the ideal gift for a baby or toddler, as they are beautiful keepsakes that are easy to wear and that they will generally be able to wear throughout their childhood. If you know the child has pierced ears, you may choose to give the gift of a pair of earrings crafted from precious metals such as sterling silver or gold. Heart earrings or ball stud earrings both make beautiful gifts for younger children, as they are dainty and light to wear. It’s important to ensure that the child’s parents are comfortable with them receiving jewellery, so check with them before you choose a gift. Young children should always be supervised when wearing jewellery.

  • How do I choose jewellery for a baby?

    When considering a jewellery gift for a baby, you should consult with the parents first. They will be able to advise you on what pieces the child may already have, the precious metal they prefer and whether they have pierced ears. Jewellery makes a beautiful and thoughtful baby gift, and consulting the parents ensures it will be well received and cherished for a lifetime.