October Birthstone - Opal

Opal comes in a range of shades, but is often sought in its white colour. Opals have radiant patterns of colour and symbolise hope, happiness and love.

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October Birthstone Opal Jewellery at Michael Hill

Treat your family and friends with October birthdays to jewellery featuring their stunning birthstone – opal!

Birthstone jewellery is the perfect gift, as it’s thoughtful and personal. Not only is an opal jewellery gift ideal for October birthdays, but it’s wonderful as a gift to mark any milestone, or just because, for your loved ones with October birthdays.

  • What is special about opals?

    Opals are a truly unique gemstone. They are renowned for the radiant patterns of colour within the stone; in fact, the way opals reflect light into rainbows of colour is so unique, it has its own name – opalescence.

    Opals form in a range of colours, with their main colour ranging from white to black, and bright red to blue, with different types featuring a unique kaleidoscope of colours within.

    Opals symbolise hope, happiness, and love, making them a beautiful gesture for your loved ones with October birthdays.


  • How are opals formed?

    Most of the world’s natural opals come from Australia. Opals are formed when water mixes with silica in rock underground. Over time – over millions of years, in fact – and where the conditions are right, an opal forms.