December birthstone - Blue Topaz

December Birthstone - Blue Topaz Jewellery at Michael Hill

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Blue Topaz Birthstone Jewellery at Michael Hill

For anyone born in the month of December, Blue Topaz birthstone jewellery makes a thoughtful and beautiful gift. All featuring the eye-catching blue topaz stone and set in precious metals, these stunning pieces are made to be treasured.

  • What is the official birthstone for December?

    While there are a number of birthstones associated with December, the official gemstone for December is blue topaz. Blue Topaz is a cool, crisp blue, making it the perfect choice as a December birthstone. Other birthstones that are associated with December are turquoise and tanzanite, also brilliant shades of the December birthstone colour of blue.

  • What is Blue Topaz?

    A topaz stone is one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals, making it ideal for use in jewellery. It is formed naturally during the crystallisation of igneous rocks. Topaz can originate from a number of countries around the world, though most varieties of topaz stone used in jewellery are mined in Brazil.

  • What is the spiritual meaning of Blue Topaz?

    Aside from being the December birthstone, the blue topaz meaning is much like the colour itself - calm and soothing. Its calming and peaceful properties make it a popular choice for meditation and mindfulness, fostering mental clarity and focus. The blue topaz stone is also known as a stone of protection, love and loyalty, which makes topaz a popular choice for a romantic gift.

  • How to wear blue topaz jewellery?

    Crisp blue topaz stones look beautiful set in sterling silver and white gold, as well as contrasted with warmer yellow gold. Styling your blue topaz jewellery is completely personal. You may choose to complement your blue topaz earrings with a blue topaz ring or necklace, or contrast with another gemstone. Blue topaz is perfectly complemented by diamonds, making it a popular choice in a Promise Rings.