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Our Global Flagship

Discover our immersive Chadstone flagship, embodying the New Era of Michael Hill.

Store experience has been at the centre of our brand since our very first store opened in Whangarei in 1979. Sir Michael Hill’s passion for fine jewellery, paired with Lady Christine’s creativity and love of storytelling through her window displays have inspired our first Global Flagship boutique. Our new Chadstone destination is an ode to our craft, a modern representation of our legacy and vision for the future.

The store was conceptualised to bring to life the philosophy of ‘A Moment to Discover’: an immersive environment of free-flowing spaces to conjure interest and discovery, inviting you to take a moment from everyday life and experience the beauty and craftsmanship of fine jewellery, and re-discover the Michael Hill brand.

Thoughtful, elevated design cues combine with our New Era brand elements to define our new signature in-store experience.

“With our new Flagship comes our new, deeply considered sensory experience. We have thought about not only what you see, but what you feel, hear, and smell. Our immersive signature experience is complete with a custom scent, created to encapsulate the serene natural beauty of our brand’s birthplace, New Zealand.” Philomena Colgan, Head of Store and Brand Experience.

Michael Hill Flagship Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy

The flagship design revolves around a harmonious interplay of volumes, lighting, and materials. Our commitment to simplicity and craftsmanship is evident in the clean lines, gentle curves, and use of natural materials throughout the boutique.

Michael Hill Flagship Elevated Palette

Elevated Palette

Step into our new space, where modernity meets sophistication, inviting you to rediscover Michael Hill. Immerse yourself in our new brand palette brought to life in lush greenery, premium textiles, raw timber, and natural stone.

Michael Hill Flagship Immersive Spaces

Immersive Spaces

A series of interconnected rooms, vistas, and dedicated consultation spaces are seamlessly integrated into the architecture, inviting you to peruse, dwell and engage intimately with collections at your own pace.

Michael Hill High Jewellery

High Jewellery

Discover our extraordinary high jewellery collections, and marvel at the intricate design and expert craftsmanship of our most spectacular pieces.

Michael Hill x Dina Broadhurst

Dina Broadhurst x Michael Hill

We are thrilled to exhibit an exclusive artwork within our Chadstone Flagship, created for us by Australian artist Dina Broadhurst. Entitled Infinity, 2024 this piece tells a story of history and modernity in a celebration of contemporary nostalgia, brought to life through Dina’s signature multi-dimensional visual language. Learn more about this exclusive work.

Design and Architecture Credits

Design: Design by ‘The General Store’ in collaboration with Michael Hill Head of Store and Brand Experience, Philomena Colgan, and Principal Retail Design Architect, Paul O’Sullivan.

Custom Art: Dina Broadhurst.

Signature Scent: Created in collaboration with Air Aroma.


Store G098, Ground Floor Chadstone Shopping Centre 1341 Dandenong Road Chadstone, Victoria, Australia