2 Carat Diamond Rings & Jewellery

Explore sparkling 2 carat diamond rings and jewellery, with our range including solitaire and multi-stone styles.

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2 carat diamond jewellery at Michael Hill

For captivating brilliance, discover our range of 2 carat diamond jewellery. Shop earings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and engagement rings featuring 2 carat diamond solitaires, and multi-stone pieces with 2 carats total weight.

  • How large is a 2 carat diamond?

    A carat is a unit of weight, with one carat equalling 1/5 of a gram. A 2 carat solitaire diamond refers to a single diamond with a weight of 2 carats.

    You can also find a range of diamond rings and jewellery made up of multiple smaller stones, that together make up 2 carats total weight (TW). These styles include halo, cluster, and other multi-stone designs, and they are the perfect choice if you’re searching for something truly eye-catching but a 2 carat solitaire may be out of reach.

    In terms of engagement rings, a 2 carat diamond will certainly help you or your partner to stand out, and will offer an eye-catching look and sparkle. Since the most popular engagement ring styles are usually up to the 1 or 1.5 carat mark, a 2 carat ring will appear larger and more attention-grabbing in comparison.

  • Is a 2 carat diamond suitable as an engagement ring?

    Yes, a 2 carat diamond is perfect for engagement rings, as long as it’s perfect for you! As with any question to do with engagement rings, it really comes down to what best suits you or your fiancé’s taste and preference. If they love to stand out, and want the kind of engagement ring that will make people say “wow!”, then a 2 carat engagement ring might just be perfect for them.

    Keep in mind that due to their larger size, you will need to consider your partner’s lifestyle to determine if a 2 carat engagement ring would be suitable. For instance, if they work with their hands or are highly active, it might be best that they keep their engagement ring for special occasion wear.

    Also consider the other characteristics of your diamond, known as the Four Cs. If the carat weight is the most important factor to you, then go for it – however, you might need to compromise on the colour or clarity grades to get the look you want within your budget, especially if you are looking for a solitaire.

    If you are head over heels for the captivating look and sparkle of 2 carat diamonds, but a 2 carat solitaire is out of reach, consider a multi-stone engagement ring with 2 carats total weight. These include three-stone, halo, cluster and other multi-stone styles with multiple diamonds that together equal 2 carats. These styles will give you the dramatic look you’re after, for less than a solitaire of the same total weight.

  • Is 2 carats a good size for diamond earrings?

    2 carats is the perfect size for diamond earrings if you would like exceptional sparkle and an outstanding look. Just like engagement rings (or any type of jewellery), it depends on your personal taste, or that of the loved one you’re shopping for.

    One of the most popular, timeless, and essential diamond earring styles is the solitaire stud. Choosing a pair of diamond solitaire earrings with 2 carats total weight will add instant brilliance and glamour to your look, with each individual earring weighing in at 1 carat. This size is perfect if you would like an eye-catching look, which can be styled back with the rest of your diamond or precious metal jewellery, or even worn alone.

    At Michael Hill, you can also find a selection of exquisite, multi-stone stud and drop earrings featuring 2 carats total weight of diamonds. Styles such as these are undeniably glamorous and brilliantly sparkling, and perfect for wearing or gifting for truly special occasions.