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Michael Hill's Exclusive Bridal Collections

Our Exclusive Bridal Collections (and what makes each one unique)

What’s in a name? Discover our range of exclusive Bridal Collections at Michael Hill, and what makes each Collection unique – so that you can find the perfect engagement ring or wedding band to treasure always.

Sir Michael Hill Designer Bridal

Our signature and premium Bridal Collection at Michael Hill, features the most exquisite engagement rings and wedding bands that are crafted to capture the beauty of your love story. 

A reflection of Sir Michael Hill’s love of the very best in design and aesthetics, this Collection epitomises the highest levels of quality, craftsmanship, and beauty – featuring premium diamonds, romantic morganite, and beautifully detailed designs finished with the Collection’s signature hidden pink sapphire.  

Discover Designer Bridal ›

The Solitaire by Michael Hill

The solitaire is the most timeless engagement ring design, and this exclusive Collection sets the standard for this bridal icon. Rings in this Collection are crafted in-house in our Australian workshop; from the diamonds hand-selected by our diamond experts, to the ring setting crafted and the diamond set by our master craftsmen. 

The Solitaire by Michael Hill is a masterpiece of balance and brilliance, showcasing the beauty of your diamond to the most exceptional standards.  

Within this Collection, you can also discover a special capsule range featuring diamonds from the De Beers Code of Origin Trusted Source Program.  

Discover The Solitaire ›

Southern Star

Our exclusive Southern Star Collection features a diamond cut like no other, which is created specially for Michael Hill and features 65 facets for exceptional sparkle.

There are Four Cs that denote a diamond’s quality: cut, colour, clarity, and carat. Jewellers consider cut to be the most important factor, as a well-cut stone allows a diamond to make the best use of light (in a word, sparkle).

Our Southern Star diamonds are independently evaluated for their light return, including brilliance, brightness, fire, and optical symmetry.

Discover Southern Star › 

LAB. Certified Sustainable Laboratory-Grown Diamonds by Michael Hill

Where beauty and ingenuity meet. Our exclusive LAB. Certified Sustainable Laboratory-Grown Diamonds by Michael Hill Collection features premium laboratory-grown diamonds, offering a new choice for your perfect stone.

A modern marvel, laboratory-grown diamonds offer the brilliance of diamonds that you love, grown in an innovative new way.

The laboratory-grown diamonds within this Collection are also certified sustainability rated and climate neutral, in accordance with the SCS-007 Jewelry Sustainability Standard Series – Sustainability Rated Diamond from SCS Global Services.

Discover LAB. Certified Sustainable Laboratory-Grown Diamonds by Michael Hill


Our widest, most diverse and most-loved bridal Collection, Evermore features a beautiful ring for each unique bride. From classic, versatile diamond solitaire rings and popular halo styles, through to the most unique shapes, coloured centre gemstones and vintage-inspired designs, you can find a stunning engagement ring as unique as your love story.

Our exclusive Evermore Collection at Michael Hill also features a wide range of wedding bands, from sparkling diamond bands to out-of-the-ordinary shapes; so you can find the perfect match for your engagement ring and stack your personalised look.

Discover Evermore ›


When it comes to diamonds, there are several factors that affect its rarity and price: the cut quality, clarity, colour, and carat weight. It’s up to your personal choice which of the Four Cs are most important to you, to achieve the look you love.

Our Prelude Collection emphasises classic designs and larger stones, that are selected based on individual brilliance and lustre, over higher colour or clarity grades.

Discover Prelude ›

Need some help choosing the perfect engagement ring for you, or for your partner? Book your Virtual or In-Store Appointment with our expert team ›

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