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girl wearing diamond bracelets and rings

Your Guide to Styling Diamonds for Every Day

The ultimate forever-style, diamonds are an elevated essential for your jewellery wardrobe. Versatile, timeless, and elegant, you can style your diamond essentials in multiple different ways to suit any type of occasion and reflect your personal style. Discover our guide to the diamond jewellery styles you need in your collection and the best ways to wear them every day.  

Can you wear diamonds daily?

Despite any traditional ‘style rules’ you might have heard, yes - you can absolutely wear diamonds as part of your everyday look. The days when diamond jewellery was reserved only for special occasions or for engagement rings are long gone, especially with so many modern and understated diamond jewellery styles to choose from.  

Diamonds are the perfect piece to elevate and add brightness to your look every day; from a casual look to office wear to evening wear.  

While you certainly can (and should) add diamonds to your everyday style, there are a few things to keep in mind for actually wearing them. A durable stone for regular wear, it’s still recommended to take your diamond jewellery off at the end of the day and store it safely. And while you can wear diamonds to elevate even the most casual look, we wouldn’t go so far as to pair them with swimwear – it's better to leave your fine jewellery at home when you head to the beach or pool. Give your pieces a rest between wears now and then, and clean your diamond jewellery regularly to avoid a build-up of dust or grime. Learn more about wearing and caring for your fine jewellery in our care guide.  

What jewellery pairs well with diamonds? 

You can wear jewellery of almost any type with your diamonds, as diamonds are versatile enough to style with your favourite precious metals and coloured gemstones.  

Yellow gold jewellery contrasts beautifully with diamonds and creates an on-trend look, while white gold is an elegant and classic pairing for your diamonds. Add a diamond piece to sterling silver jewellery layers to elevate a more casual look.  

As well as your staple metal pieces, diamonds are the perfect complement to coloured gemstones, from pearl jewellery to emerald and sapphire. Just remember that diamonds are the hardest gemstone, so consider the placement of your diamond and other jewellery pieces to avoid too much friction which could lead to scratching. If layering necklaces, ensure each piece is a slightly different length; if stacking rings, consider which fingers you place each of them on; and if you’re stacking bracelets, make sure your individual pieces don’t move around excessively on your arm. 

What are the must-have diamond jewellery styles? 

You can wear jewellery of almost any type with your diamonds, as diamonds are versatile enough to style with your favourite precious metals and coloured gemstones.   There are a few timeless, core diamond jewellery styles that everyone should have in their collection. These pieces will pair effortlessly with your favourite precious metal and gemstone styles, and they’re also wearable for any type of occasion, making them forever-favourites you will reach for again and again.  

  • Diamond solitaire studs: one of the most timeless jewellery staples, diamond solitaire studs will instantly brighten and elevate your look. Wear them with everything from a t-shirt and jeans to an evening dress.  

  • Diamond tennis bracelet: the ultimate iconic style in fine jewellery. Tennis bracelets feature a continuous line of diamonds, for a luxurious yet versatile piece.  

  • Diamond pendant: a diamond pendant necklace can be worn alone for effortless elegance, or layered with your everyday chains to bring in a touch of brilliance. Choose from a classic solitaire or cluster pendant, or personalise your look with a diamond initial necklace or diamond zodiac necklace.  

  • Diamond ring: diamond rings aren’t just for your left hand. From bold, brilliant styles to fine, shimmering stackers, find the perfect diamond ring for you and wear it any time you want to add sparkle.  

What are the best ways to style diamonds?  

You can style your diamond jewellery however you like, to create a unique look that expresses your personal style. If you need a little inspiration, these are some of the best ways to style diamond jewellery for everyday wear.  

Layered Necklaces 

Pair your diamond necklace back with your everyday styles for instantly elevated layers. A simple, timeless diamond style such as a solitaire pendant, delicate station necklace, or a personalised design like a diamond letter necklace, is the perfect complement to your favourite gold or silver chains. To master your layered necklace look every time, stack two or three pieces in slightly varying lengths to ensure each necklace – and most importantly your diamond – can be seen.  

Stacked Earrings  

One of the biggest trends in jewellery right now, the stacked earring look is also timeless because you can customise it to suit your personal style. If you have two or more ear piercings, add a diamond earring alongside your yellow gold, white gold, or sterling silver staple pieces. You can also stack multiple diamond earrings to build a statement look. Diamond studs are the perfect versatile style to pair with any other earring type; try styling two different diamond studs together, or wear a diamond stud alongside your classic hoop earrings.  

Multiple bracelets

Have a classic diamond tennis bracelet or station bracelet in your collection? Give your timeless pieces a fresh edge by styling them into a bracelet stack. Mix your bracelet and bangle textures for an interesting look; such as a solid gold bangle alongside a fine diamond bracelet, or a chain bracelet paired with a diamond tennis bracelet. Stick to pieces with the same precious metal setting to keep your stack looking polished.

Stacked rings 

Another modern jewellery trend that’s easy to make your own, stacking rings allows you to curate as much of a statement as you’d like from day to day. Start simply by stacking one or two rings on each hand, or, for a bolder look, stack two or more rings on top of each other. Want an insider’s tip for finding the perfect diamond ring to stack? Expand your search beyond typical stackers and explore diamond wedding and eternity bands.  

Find the perfect diamond jewellery pieces for your forever-collection, and wear them to express your personal style. Explore our range of diamond jewellery online > 

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