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Celestial Sparkle

With mythical beauty and spectacular brilliance, diamonds are much like stars found beneath the earth. Our Southern Star Collection features an exclusive diamond cut, created specially for Michael Hill, which brings to light the unique sparkle of these stones.


A Cut Above

There are Four Cs that denote a diamond’s quality: cut, colour, clarity, and carat. Jewellers consider cut to be the most important factor, as an accurately proportioned and well-cut stone allows a diamond to make the best use of light (in a word, sparkle). Our exclusive Southern Star diamonds have a cut like no other. In timeless round and oval shapes, our Southern Star diamonds are cut with 65 facets for exceptional sparkle. If you look closely, you’ll discover the eight-point star visible through the top of your diamond. Independently evaluated for their light return (including brilliance, brightness, fire, and optical symmetry), each Southern Star ring is accompanied by a certificate detailing its diamond’s quality and exceptional beauty.


Starlight in a Ring

Our Southern Star Collection features a range of exquisite diamond engagement rings. In classic settings, with centre diamonds that sparkle like no other, these exclusive engagement rings are the perfect balance of timeless and unique beauty. Discover brilliantly sparkling oval and round Solitaire diamond rings, made in Australia; as well as elegant Halo and Side Accent engagement rings, with the centre stones hand-set in our Australian workshop.

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