Gift Cards FAQ

  • Where can I purchase a Michael Hill Gift Card?

    You can purchase a physical Gift Card at the counter of any Michael Hill store, or purchase an e-Gift Card online (which will be emailed to your chosen recipient) by clicking here.

  • Where can I buy an e-Gift Card (that can be emailed to my chosen recipient)?

    You can purchase an e-Gift Card online (which will be emailed to your chosen recipient) by clicking here.

    You can also schedule your e-Gift Card to be emailed on a specific day (e.g. Birthday or Valentine’s Day) - Simply select your date when you purchase your e-Gift Card online. If you’d like the recipient to receive the e-Gift Card almost instantly, just select today’s date.

    You can also send multiple e-Gift Cards to different people at the same time, so you don’t have to place separate orders for each e-Gift card/person.

    You can order a maximum of 10 e-Gift Cards in one transaction – each can be sent to a different recipient and you can choose to send each one on a different day, or the same day, if you so wish.

  • I’d like to send an e-Gift Card to another country, is this possible?

    Yes, you can send an e-Gift Card to Australia by clicking here

    Or send an e-Gift Card to Canada by clicking here

  • I’d like to purchase multiple Gift Cards on behalf of a company, who should I contact?

    Simply contact our Customer Services and they will be able to assist you

  • What is the difference between a physical Gift Card and an e-Gift Card?

    A physical Gift Card is a plastic card which can be purchased from any of our Michael Hill stores worldwide.

    An e-Gift Card is an electronic Gift Card which can be sent to any recipient via email; and can be purchased online by clicking here.

    Generally, these Gift Cards can be used in the same way – both online and in-store – but there are slight differences in the values of the Gift Cards that you can purchase and which country the Gift Cards can be redeemed in. You can find more information on these differences via the FAQs below.

  • What amounts can I purchase on a Michael Hill Gift Card?

    In Michael Hill stores you can purchase a physical gift card in any value from a minimum of $10 up to a maximum of $2000.

    Online, you can purchase an e-Gift Card in any value from a minimum of $10 up to a maximum of $500.

  • Where can I use my Gift Card?

    You can use your physical Gift Card or an e-Gift Card at any Michael Hill store and online.

  • How to I redeem my Gift Card online, or find my Gift Card number/PIN?

    You can redeem your physical Gift Card or an e-Gift Card online by selecting ‘REDEEM A GIFT CARD’ when you reach the payment stage of the checkout on the website.

    You will need to enter your full card number and PIN.

    If you have a physical Gift Card, you can find these details on the back of your card. The Gift Card number will be between 16 and 23 digits long. If you have a card with a 6-digit number – please contact Customer Services, who will confirm your details / complete checks and send you a new replacement e-Gift Card, so you can redeem either online or in-store.

    If you were emailed an e-Gift Card – you can find the number and PIN in your original email.

  • How do I check the balance of my Gift Card(s)?

    You can see the balance of your physical Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards by clicking here – you also have the option to see the remaining balance on your Gift Card(s) when you reach the payment stage of the checkout online.

    In-store the team will be happy to check the remaining balance on your Gift Card(s) for you at the counter.

  • When will the Gift Card expire?

    Your physical Gift Card or e-Gift Card is valid for three years from the purchase date – you can find the purchase date displayed on the receipt and on the back of your Gift Card (when you buy your Gift Card in-store), or within your e-Gift Card email (if you bought your e-Gift Card online or received an e-Gift card when you returned your order). You can also see the expiry date when you check your balance online here.

  • I’m having problems using my Gift Card online, who should I contact for help?

    For assistance, please contact customer services.

  • I made a mistake when I purchased an e-Gift Card, who should I contact about this?

    For assistance, please contact customer services.

  • I didn’t receive my e-Gift Card via email, or I deleted my e-Gift Card email by accident, what should I do?

    The e-Gift Card itself will be sent directly via email to the email address you entered when you placed your order online.

    If you are the recipient of the e-Gift Card, please check your ‘Junk’ and ‘Trash/Bin’ folders.

    If you can’t see it in either of those folders, please contact customer services, who will be happy to help, and can re-send the e-Gift Card if it cannot be found or deleted by accident.

    Please note that Michael Hill eGift Cards are subject to a very strict screening process to help protect our online customers from potential fraud; please note that the email confirmation of your e-Gift Card may be subject to a delay.

    The purchaser (the person who places the order online) will receive an order confirmation which will state the email you chose to send the e-Gift Card to, as well as confirm the date you selected for the sending of the e-Gift Card.

  • Can I get a refund for the Gift Card?

    No, all Gift Cards are non-returnable for a refund.

  • Can I add to, or increase the redeemable amount on my Gift Card?

    The value of a specific physical Gift Card or e-Gift Card cannot be increased in value.

    However, you can buy another e-Gift Card and then merge this with your existing e-Gift Card or your physical Gift Card.

    Simply register your existing Gift Card (either physical or emailed Gift Card) and then purchase a new Gift Card online here.

    Once you have received your new e-Gift Card via email - visit the ‘My Account’ section here and complete the ‘merge card’ process.

  • What are the benefits of registering my Gift Card online?

    You can register your card online to receive a host of extra benefits, such as viewing all the previous transactions on the card, adding your card details so you can receive a replacement card should your e-Gift Card or physical Gift Card be lost or stolen, a quicker and easier way to purchase more e-Gift Cards, and the ability to merge the balance of your cards on to one single card.

    You can register your card online here.

  • Can I replace the Gift Card if it is lost or stolen?

    You can replace a physical Gift Card or e-Gift Card ONLY if you have registered your card online (we highly recommend that you always do this when you receive a Gift Card) and you can do this here.

    Unfortunately, if you did not register your Gift Card online, we are unable to replace your card.

    For the avoidance of doubt, please always treat your Gift Card as cash.

  • Can I use the Gift Card along with my credit/debit card or PayPal to make a purchase online?

    Yes, you can redeem a physical Gift Card or e-Gift Card and combine it with a payment via credit or debit card, or alternatively you can redeem your Gift Card with PayPal. You can only combine Gift Cards with one other payment type.

  • Can I use buy now pay later options, such as Afterpay and ZipMoney, with the Gift Card to make a purchase online?

    Unfortunately, these payment options cannot be used in conjunction with Gift Cards at this time online, or in-store.

  • Can I use other payment methods with a Gift Card to make a purchase in-store?

    In-store, you cannot use your Gift Card as a finance deposit, but you can use it to reduce your finance amount. You cannot use any Gift Card in conjunction with wallet payments such as WeChat Pay and AliPay.

    Online you can only use a Gift Card with either credit/debit card or PayPal.

    In-store and online you cannot combine Gift Cards with Afterpay or ZipMoney.

  • Can I choose how much I want to use from the Gift Card?

    When you shop online, you are unable to choose a specific amount, or enter how much of the Physical Gift Card or e-Gift Card you would like to redeem.

    The website will calculate the amount it will redeem from the card – so, if total of the online order is higher than the amount available to redeem on your gift card, the full gift card balance will be redeemed and your gift card balance will be zero.

    If the total to pay for your online order is less that the value of the remaining balance on your gift card, then the total value of your online order will be redeemed and the remaining balance left on your card will be displayed online at the checkout.

    Once you have added the Gift Card at the payment stage, a message will also be displayed at the checkout so you can see the remaining balance on the card (this will display as $0.00 if you have used all of the amount available to redeem on your card).

    If you are in-store, you can choose the amount you wish to redeem.

  • Can I use multiple Gift Cards to place an order online?

    You can redeem up to two Gift Cards online when you place an order. If you would like to use more than two Gift Cards, you can merge multiple Gift Cards into one by registering online and adding the cards – click here to register your Gift Cards online. If you have previously created account, simply login to add your Card(s).

    In-store you can redeem as many Gift Cards as you would like in one transaction.

  • Can I use multiple Gift Cards to make a purchase in-store?

    If you choose to shop in-store, you can use as many Gift Cards as you like when paying for your items.

  • Can I use a Gift Card that was purchased in another country from the one I am currently in?

    There are different conditions that apply based on the type of Gift Card you purchased and if you are redeeming it in-store or online. Physical Gift Cards that have been purchased in another country can be used in all stores worldwide but cannot be redeemed online at e-Gift Cards (Gift Cards received by email) that have been issued in Australia can only be redeemed in Australian stores and at e-Gift Cards cannot be used outside the country the e-Gift Card was purchased in (for example, a card purchased in New Zealand will be issued in New Zealand dollars and cannot be redeemed on the Australian Michael Hill website). If you have any queries or concerns, please contact our Customer Services.

  • Can I return an item that was purchased using a Gift Card as full or part payment?

    When you return an item that has been bought using a Gift Card as full or part payment – you will be issued with a new Gift Card (which will be a physical Gift Card if you return your item in-store, or an e-Gift Card sent to you via email if you return your item to online). Please note, in accordance with our Returns Policy, we are unable to process the return of an item that has been purchased in another country.

  • I’ve already registered my Gift Card online, but I’ve forgotten my details?

    Click here to reset your password for the Gift Card website.

    Please note that website used to purchase and maintain your Gift Cards is a separate secure website from the Michael Hill website. As such, the details you used to register your card online, may not be the same as those you use to login to the Michael Hill website.

  • What are the Gift Card terms and conditions?

    For full terms and conditions that apply to both physical and e-Gift Cards, please click here.

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