Twisted Engagement Rings

For a unique engagement ring that catches the eye, choose a twisted band or swirl design from Michael Hill.

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Choosing your twisted band engagement ring

For elegance and sparkle with a twist, look no further than our range of twisted band engagement rings. The perfect option when you want something different that is still timeless, a twist style engagement ring is a stunning choice.

  • What does a twisted band engagement ring symbolise?

    Featuring twists and swirls that often resemble the infinity symbol, a twist engagement ring symbolises enduring and everlasting love.

    This makes twist engagement rings the perfect choice for those who want to give their engagement ring added meaning and make a commitment to forever.

  • Are twist and swirl engagement rings more fragile than classic engagement rings?

    A twist and swirl engagement ring is just as robust as a classic engagement ring, crafted to last for a lifetime.

    While many twist engagement rings feature intricate details such as split shanks and diamond accents, they are well designed and made to ensure they are sturdy enough for everyday wear.

  • What kind of wedding ring can I pair up with a twisted engagement ring?

    The unique nature of a twisted engagement ring may make it seem more difficult to pair with a wedding band, but swirl rings actually pair beautifully with most wedding band styles.

    For a flush pairing, explore our range of contour wedding bands that will sit flush against your twist depending on the style. A diamond eternity band can also be an elegant accent to your twist engagement ring, while a simple gold band will allow your engagement ring to shine. It’s a good idea to try on a range of wedding bands with your twist engagement ring, and select a piece that really represents your personality and style.

  • How do I care for a twist engagement ring?

    Like all engagement rings, your twist or swirl engagement ring will shine brighter with proper care.

    While your twist engagement ring is designed for everyday wear, it’s best to avoid wearing it when working with chemicals or harsh products, removing it and storing it safely. Clean your twist ring regularly with warm, soapy water, or for a professional clean, bring it into your nearest Michael Hill store. Ask our expert in-store teams for more details on caring for your precious engagement ring.

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