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A celebration of strength

Each Spirits Bay piece is a symbol of achievement, a celebration of your own inner strength, or a gift to be given in recognition of remarkable grace under pressure. Inspired by a natural symbol of resilience, Spirits Bay is designed to be worn and given to those who share a spirit of strength.


A mystical shell

Lady Christine Hill’s fascination with Totorere shells, found in New Zealand's Spirits Bay, began many years ago. These shells are worn down by the elements until only the strongest part remains, leaving an elegantly curved, ring-like shape. Christine began collecting and sketching them, transforming these mystical shapes and bringing them to life in precious metal.

"I believe the purity and simplicity of the design speaks to the spirit of strong women everywhere"

- Lady Christine Hill.

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Christine Hill

Christine Hill’s artistic talent has been part of the Michael Hill story from the beginning, as she lent her unique creative touch to interior design, visual merchandising, and catalogue illustrations. Christine designs three exclusive jewellery collections for Michael Hill, taking her inspiration from beautiful organic forms and purposeful objects with deep meaning, transforming them into wearable pieces of art.