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Elevate Your Style

Deco by Michael Hill is designed to take your look to a luxurious new level, for the evening, special events, or anytime you want to add a glamorous touch.

Exclusively designed and crafted with hand-selected diamonds, each Deco piece features intricate and unique detailing, graduated stones and dramatic yet wearable scale.


Art Deco Inspiration

Taking inspiration from the Art Deco movement in visual art, fashion and architecture during the 1920s, Deco by Michael Hill combines vintage-style glamour with fine materials and modernised design. the architectural quality of each Deco piece reflects the grand ideals of famous Art Deco designs - such as New York city's Chrysler Building - mixing fluidity with clean graphic lines.

This Collection serves the timely return to 'after five' dressing and the renewed desire to celebrate, channelling the exuberance and opulence of the original art Deco era in a way that's right for now.


Impactful Diamond Jewellery

Discover open, teardrop-shaped drop earrings and pendants; graduated linear drop earrings and pendants; bold hop earrings and multirow cocktail rings all paved in brilliant diamonds.

Just as the prestigious Art Deco-period skyscrapers would light up at night, each Deco jewellery piece features statement scale and is designed to catch the light, perfect for bringing eye-catching glamour to your evening look.

Create a luxurious, matched look with our Deco by Michael Hill Collection; or layer one or two pieces with your favourite gold, diamond, or gemstone jewellery to curate your own unique striking look.

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