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No matter what Michael Hill watch you’ve purchased, we know it’s more than a way to tell time. It’s an expression of your style, a hallmark of an important life accomplishment or a gift from someone special. It’s not just a time piece; it’s a life piece. And, with basic care, your watch will stand the test of time. All Michael Hill watch collections come with a three-year International Guarantee, as well as a free replacement service within the first three months should the watch not be up to our standards.

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Water Resistance

  • Michael Hill watches are water resistant; not water proof.

  • When a watch has been in salt water, always rinse with fresh water and dry.

  • When a watch is wet or under water, do not use the buttons or the crown.

  • The water resistance indicated (either in METRES or ATM) refers to a dry atmospheric pressure test and is not the depth below sea level that the watch has been designed for.

  • Some watches have a screw down crown for increased water resistance, in which case this must be screwed down tight.

  • Watches with leather bands should ideally not be worn in water as the material will deteriorate over time.

  • Watches should be tested for water resistance every time the watch is serviced, be it for a new battery or other service.

  • Water resistance is not permanent; seals deteriorate with time and use. Gaskets and crowns should be replaced every year or two.

  • If the watch is exposed to chlorinated pools, soaps, salt water, etc the gaskets should be changed on a yearly basis.

  • If the crown or glass is damaged or missing the watch will leak. Do not expose the watch to water but send it to a Michael Hill service center for repair.

  • If a watch has moisture under the glass, keep it dry and bring it to us as soon as possible.

Additional Care Information


No problem should occur from using the watch around ordinary household electronic appliances such as TV sets or stereos. Keep away from strong magnets, transformers, radiography equipment, magnetic blankets, arc welders, etc.

Temperature Care:

Do not expose your watch to high temperatures, e.g. placing it in the sun, on the dashboard of a vehicle, or in a hot tub. It can cause the watch to malfunction, shorten battery life or damage components. Extreme cold can cause stoppages or poor timekeeping.

Knocks and Scrapes:

Remember your watch is a delicate instrument and although it does have some protection against shocks and knocks, it is not indestructible. Dropping a watch onto a hard surface or knocking can damage the movement, the case, glass, or other components. If a watch is rubbed against an abrasive surface such as concrete, stone, glass, or ceramic it is likely to be scratched. Sand embedded in wooden tables, or the porcelain clay in most writing paper will also scratch or abrade the case, bracelet or glass of a watch. Do not polish your gold tone watch with jewellery or metal polish.

Watch Cleaning:

Because the watch is worn next to the skin it collects dust and perspiration and becomes soiled if not cleaned regularly. This can cause staining of cuffs and irritation of the skin; in rare cases it can induce an allergy. Dirt on the case or bracelet will cause increased wear on the pins and joints and can trap salt causing corrosion. It should be removed with a soft brush. The bracelet can be cleaned using a new toothbrush (not used; they have abrasives embedded in them) and warm soapy water. Rinse with clean water and dry completely. This should not be done if the watch has not been water tested recently. Instead, bring it in to a Michael Hill service center for cleaning. Water blasters or solvents will damage your watch. Please do not use them.