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How to Care for Your Fine Jewellery

Investing in fine jewellery means choosing timeless pieces that you’ll treasure in your collection for many years to come. At Michael Hill, our jewellery is crafted in genuine, precious materials including gold, sterling silver, diamonds, and gemstones – and we want you to make the most of every beautiful piece.

Like any fine materials you might choose for your wardrobe or your home, jewellery should be properly cared for to keep it looking its best and ensure plenty of wear.

As a general rule, your jewellery should be the last thing you put on before you leave home each day, and the first thing you take off. This will help you to avoid exposing your jewellery to activities or elements which could affect it.

We also recommend that you bring your jewellery in-store to Michael Hill as needed for complimentary, professional cleaning. For extra special pieces, consider purchasing one of our Professional Care Plans for total peace of mind.

Discover our detailed guide to caring for your various types of fine jewellery.

Chains Care

Chains are a timeless must-have for every jewellery collection. As well as different styles of chains, these pieces vary from fine to heavy in width, as well as solid or hollow in construction.

Hollow chains are carefully designed to comprise some empty space inside the chain links. This is more common in gold chains, and it allows you to wear a genuine piece of gold jewellery that is lighter in weight and more affordable than solid gold. By their nature, hollow chains are more delicate than solid chains, and should be treated with care.

It’s also important to treat fine chains carefully, whether they are solid or hollow in construction.

Hoop Earrings Care

While your precious metal earrings are timeless, versatile pieces that you can wear with many different looks for all occasions, we recommend mixing up the pairs you wear each day to give your pieces an occasional rest and extend their life. Styles including hoop earrings require some extra care, and below are our key tips to keep them looking their best.

Gold Jewellery Care

Take care of your gold jewellery to keep it looking its lustrous best for years to come. See our guide below for caring, cleaning, and properly storing your plain gold pieces.

Silver Jewellery Care

Sterling silver (also known as 925 silver) is a timeless precious metal. While brightly reflective when it’s kept polished, silver jewellery also takes on a different beauty as it ages. Below is our guide to caring for your silver jewellery and avoiding tarnish.

Diamond Jewellery Care

If you’ve fallen in love with the brilliance of diamonds, keep your jewellery sparkling with our top tips for cleaning and caring for your diamonds.

Coloured Gemstone Jewellery Care

Keep your sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, and other coloured gemstone jewellery vibrant and sparkling with our guide to caring for your gems. Taking care of coloured gemstones is important, as they are not as hard as diamonds and some gemstones are more delicate than others.