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Our Workshop Craftsmandship Michael Hill

Our workshop

We’re proud to have an in-house workshop here at Michael Hill. First established in the 1980s, our manufacturing workshop and head office are today located in Brisbane, Australia, and we are one of few jewellers to maintain a retail-led working workshop.

We remain focused on creating and providing beautiful jewellery to celebrate our customers’ love stories. Our dedicated workshop team includes our diamond buyers and sorters, our gold caster, jewellers, diamond setters, and engravers, as well as quality control staff.

Our master artisans work to the highest quality standards, taking pride in producing beautiful jewellery worthy of celebrating love and maintaining our customers’ special mementos to be treasured for a lifetime.

Made in Australia

Several of our exclusive Bridal Collections feature pieces crafted in our in-house Australian workshop.

For pieces made in our workshop, we begin with a 3D CAD design which is examined and perfected by the team across various roles who will be responsible for bringing the design to life. Once the Master design is perfected, it’s printed into a resin mould using a 3D printer. We carefully create the gold alloy from pure gold and a Master Alloy to achieve the correct caratage and colour; then, the resin mould is used to render the ring in precious gold.

The piece then moves on to our expert jewellers to be refined by hand using tools such as files, emery sticks, intricate mops and brushes; and our diamond sorters select the stone according to the perfect size, colour, and clarity for the piece. Our specialist diamond setters then set the stone into the ring, using their own forged hand-tools.

The final steps involve engraving, polishing, and rhodium plating (for white gold rings) for a final product that is expertly crafted and exquisitely beautiful, ready to be gifted or worn.

At each step, our rings undergo thorough quality checks – and only once our dedicated Quality Control professionals have signed off as the last step, do these rings make their way to the purple Michael Hill box.

Some of our rings are crafted in collaboration with expert overseas artisans, and then finished in our in-house Australian workshop. For these pieces, our designers and buyers will work together closely on perfecting the design and having it brought to life by master artisans.

The centre diamond is hand-selected by our in-house diamond experts for the perfect colour, carat, and clarity matches, and then set by our specialist diamond setters. Engraving, final polishing and rhodium plating are completed here, and these rings undergo our intensive quality control process.

Some of our jewellery pieces are crafted by our trusted suppliers, and these pieces undergo our quality checks before they make their way to you. In this way, we ensure that we offer quality jewellery worthy of celebrating your moments, your loved ones, and importantly – yourself.

Watch below for a peek inside our Australian workshop, to see how our master artisans craft a ring.

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