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Signet Rings at Michael Hill

For a ring that is both elegant and historically significant, look no further than the signet ring. Taking its name from the latin word for “sign”, a signet ring is the perfect piece for making your mark.

  • What is a signet ring?

    A signet ring is a ring for men or women made of sterling silver or gold that features a flat surface on the top that can be engraved, and may feature a gemstone.

    Traditionally, signet rings were men’s rings worn by businessmen or politicians and engraved with the family sign or crest, used to sign and seal important documents. Today they are worn by anyone as a fashion piece, and many signet rings can be engraved with initials or a date that is meaningful to you or your loved one.

  • On which finger do you wear a signet ring?

    Signet rings were traditionally worn on the pinky finger of your non-dominant hand, but can be worn on any finger that feels comfortable to you.

    Wearing a signet ring on your pinkie finger can be a nod to the historical significance of the piece, while wearing it on your ring finger or pointer finger can create a modern look.

  • What is the meaning of a signet ring?

    A signet ring traditionally symbolised your family heritage and may have boasted your family’s crest or coat of arms, but today it can take on different meanings depending on the engraving you choose.

    You may choose to engrave your sterling silver or gold signet ring with your or your loved one’s initials, a date that is important to you or a symbol that means something to you both. The signet ring will then take on its own meaning, and can be treasured for years to come.

  • How do I style my signet ring?

    A signet ring can be worn alone or styled with other jewellery to make an impact and reflect your personal style.

    A signet ring makes the perfect centrepiece for a trend-setting fashion stack and can be worn either layered with or beside other rings of the same metal. For men an engraved signet ring makes a meaningful anniversary gift, and can be stacked with his wedding band for a bold look.