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Our Lifetime Diamond Warranty
About Michael Hill

Our Lifetime Diamond Warranty

The Michael Hill Lifetime Diamond Warranty is our promise to you, providing you with the reassurance to shop with confidence and enjoy your diamond jewellery for life.

What is covered:

  • Each individual diamond set in your beautiful jewellery piece.

  • Should a diamond chip, break or be lost from its original setting during normal wear, we will happily replace the diamond free of charge for life. Including the labour and material costs associated with the repair or replacement.

What you need to do:

  1. Safely store your original sales docket together with your completed and signed Michael Hill Certificate of Authenticity and Michael Hill Diamond Warranty, which you will receive upon purchasing your diamond jewellery.

  2. Bring your diamond jewellery and Lifetime Diamond Warranty Document to your nearest store every 6-months for a routine inspection by one of our friendly staff

  3. Our staff will record the details of each inspection on the warranty document and advise you of the next scheduled inspection date.

  4. Care and maintenance advice will be provided at each inspection to ensure you get the best out of your diamond jewellery.

What is not covered:

  • Coloured gemstones and watches.

  • Any repairs or adjustments made to your diamond jewellery that are not performed by Michael Hill will void the warranty.

  • Any damage caused by excessive force or friction, resulting in the loss of diamonds or breakage of the diamond ring, is not considered normal wear and will not be covered by the warranty.

  • Diamonds other than those originally set in the jewellery and exactly matching the specifications in the Michael Hill Certificate of Authenticity or Lifetime Diamond Warranty document.

  • Metal other than that detailed in the Michael Hill Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Jewellery items that have not been routinely inspected every 6 months.

How to make a claim:

The Michael Hill Lifetime Diamond Warranty is in addition to your consumer rights. Making a claim for your jewellery is simple.

  1. Bring your diamond jewellery into your nearest store, along with your Michael Hill Certificate of Authenticity and Michael Hill Lifetime Diamond Warranty.

  2. Our specialised staff will conduct a standard gemmological assessment. Note: in our endeavour to provide you with the best service, our staff may also require an independent evaluation by an industry recognised gemmological laboratory.

  3. You will be contacted with an update once the assessment has been completed and we will confirm the outcome.

  4. Your jewellery will then be made available for collection in your nearest store.

Please contact our Customer Service Team or visit your nearest store should you have any queries about our Michael Hill Lifetime Diamond Warranty

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